Dr. Deva Davis, Professorin für Medizin an der Hebräischen Universität Hadassah Dr. Davis hat einen B.S. in physiologischer Psychologie und einen M.A. in Soziologie von der Universität von Pittsburgh, 1967. Sie promovierte 1972 als Danforth Foundation Graduate Fellow in Wissenschaftsstudien an der University of Chicago und 1982 als Senior National Cancer Institute Post-Doctoral Fellow in Epidemiologie an der Johns Hopkins University. Sie hat mehr als 200 Publikationen verfasst und wurde im Lancet und im Journal of the American Medical Association sowie im Scientific American und in der New York Times veröffentlicht.


Vortrag am 30. November 2015 an der School of Engineering der Universität Melbourne 


Dr. Deva Devis empfiehlt, die versteckten Sicherheitshinweise für iPhone und Android-Systeme zu überprüfen, um zu sehen, dass sogar die großen Mobilfunkunternehmen vor gesundheitlichen Problemen warnen, die durch Telefonstrahlung verursacht werden. 


Gehen Sie dazu auf Ihrem iPhone auf:








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"Es sagt Ihnen im Grunde, dass Sie wissen müssen, dass Sie Ihr Telefon nicht direkt neben Ihrem Körper halten können, ohne die geprüften Expositionsrichtlinien zu überschreiten. 


Der australische Mobilfunkanbieter Telstra macht diese Sicherheitsmeldung öffentlich:


Die WHO gibt folgende Hinweise, wie man die Exposition durch Mobiltelefone reduzieren kann


-Verwenden Sie eine Freisprecheinrichtung, um das Mobiltelefon von Kopf und Körper fernzuhalten

-Begrenzen Sie die Anzahl und Dauer von Anrufen

-Benutzen Sie das Telefon in Bereichen mit gutem Empfang

Weitere nützliche Informationen von Dr. Devis:

„Lloyds of London denies coverage for health damages from wireless devices“

„Swiss Re 2014 rates electromagnetic fields as one of the 6 top risks business face today, above things like Mad Cow Disease“

„General Insurance Exclusions: Electromagnetic fields directly or indirectly arising out of, resulting from or contributed to by electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetism, radio waves or noise“.

She further quotes following assorted informations:


-„ 2-D modeling showed that children and smaller adults absorb more radiation than larger adults“

  „iPads and other devices are called tablets because they belong on tables they are tested 20cm away from that              big guy that I showed you before“

  „They are not approved to be held in the laps of little children“

-„ Yale University studies report prenatally exposed (to cell phone radiation )mice do not develop normal brains or   behavior“ (scientific Reports, March 2012 Tamil S.Aldad, Geliang Gan, Xiao-Bing Gao and Hugh Taylor)


-IARC RF working group: Press conference May 30, 2011, Lyon, France:


  • Committee Chair Jonathan Samet: „the evidence, while still accumulating, is strong enough to support a conclusion and the 2B classification. The conclusion means that there could be some risk, and therefore we need to keep a close watch for a link between cell phones and cancer risks.“

  • IARC Director Christopher Wild: „it is important that additional research be conducted into the long-term, heavy use of mobile phones. Pending the availability of such information, it is important to take pragmatic measures to reduce exposure such as hands-free devices or texting.“


-„In most epidemiological studies, cell phones do not increase brain cancer until after at least ten years of heavy use“


-„After 10 minutes of cell phone radiation daily for 10 days worker bees did not return to test colonies“



-„2013: Indian Supreme Court upheld Rajasthan State Court decision to remove all cell towers from the vicinity of schools, hospitals and playgrounds because of radiation „hazardous to life“.“


-  Israel has national institute  on non-ionizing radiation.

 - No Wi-Fi in kindergarden

 - Prefer wired over wireless in schools

 - All phones come with headsets and information about safety

 - No advertising with children


- Belgium Law Implemented 2014

  • No phones designed or sold for children under age 7

  • All handsets sold with headsets

  • Safety Information Readily available

  • SAR publicly accessible wherever mobile phones are sold as well as on the internet

  • Children’s mobile phones may no longer  be sold. Besides this, the specific absorption rate (SAR) has to be listed for every mobile phone at the point of sale

  • As of 1st of March 2014, the sale of mobile phones that have been specially manufactured for young children (under 7years) will be prohibited.

-US.District Court ruling 2014

„If there is even a reasonable possibility that cell phone radiation is carcinogenic, the time for action in the public health and regulatory sectors is upon us. Even though the financial and social cost of restricting such devices would be significant, those costs pale in comparison to the cost in human lives from doing nothing, only to discover thirty or forty years from now that the early signs were pointing in the right direction. If the probability of carcinogenicity is low, but the magnitude of the potential harm is high, good public policy dictates that the risk should not be ignored.“

-„ As a research scientist and physician…I am deeply concerned about the growing exposure to cell phone and other wireless radiation“ Hugh Taylor, MD PhD Chief Yale-New Haven Hospital 


-China Mobile Limited

United States Securities and Exchange Commission Form 20-F 2014:

„…we cannot be certain that future studies, irrespective of their relative reliability or trustworthiness, will not impute a link between electromagnetic fields and adverse health effects.“